Why Us?

Ninety-five percent of all bunk beds sold in this country are not made here. They are made in the Pacific Rim and are often referred to as disposable furniture by the stores that sell them.

We’re different. You can visit our shops to see our beds and meet the people who make them.
We believe your children deserve a bed that looks good and is safe and sturdy. We make beds that you will want to pass along and that will last for generations.

In fact, our beds are so stable, they are trusted by firehouses around the country. These beds are strong enough for 300-pound firemen, so you know they’re strong enough for your children.

How much do your beds cost?
Prices vary depending on the features of the beds, but they are in line with, and often less, than what you will find at furniture and department stores. Typically, our most economical, unfinished loft bed will start at $689.00.

Can I see the beds before I buy?
Although each bed is made to order, individual craftsmen can show you samples.

Can I get a special size?
Yes. Because our beds are custom made, we can work with you to provide the size and style that you need.

What are your beds made out of?
We use solid wood and high quality hardware so that our beds will last.

Who makes the beds?
All of our furniture is made by highly qualified individual local craftsmen.

Can I buy your bunk beds in a store?
No. Our beds are made by individual craftsmen who live and work in your community. Each bed is made to order just for you.